To The Stars

For the third year of RHS' Exploratory Ventures program, students will have a chance to explore the final frontier. In the class, students will learn the basics of astronomy and the physics of the universe, and will then design and build three types of telescopes in order to explore the stars. Along the way, students will have a chance to explore software-defined radio, soldering and basic circuitry, and even model rocketry.

XV: Observatory Budget (89% funded!)

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Thanks to the outpouring of support from our incredible community, XV: Observatory was able to raise 92% of its budget! We are still actively looking for donations - please contact either Lucas Rosevear, Patricia Torvalds, or Riverdale High School for information on how to make a contribution.

Research Space

Students in XV: Observatory will have a chance to explore two very exciting fields: astronomy and astrophysics. From Kepler's laws to dark matter, students in the lecture section of XV: Observatory will have a blast.

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Learn Essential Skills

Learning in the classroom is one thing, but XV believes that learning the in the field trumps all. Students in XV: Observatory will learn essential skills from soldering to 3D modeling to designing their own mock telescopes.

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Build Telescopes

Most important, XV: Observatory is a class designed to do something big. Our goal as a class is to build three telescopes to make observations about the universe. And of course, in the spirit of XV, the class will culminate in a trip to explore the stars.

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More Details

XV: Observatory is taught by juniors Patricia Torvalds, Lucas Rosevear, and teacher Mr. Preacher third trimester 2014. The class is now in full swing, and going very well! Contact Riverdale High School for more details on the class, or for information on donations or mentoring.

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